Saturday, June 2, 2018

Presentations at University of Wisconsin – Stout

Memorial Student Center – Ballroom A or B

All sessions will be 45 minutes with question and answer time following the presentations. Coffee provided all day

9:00 am Making an Eastern Bluebird House Workshop – David Uher and Friends

If you are interested in attracting Eastern Bluebirds to your yard and under 18 years old, this workshop is for you!  Find out about Bluebirds and make your own Bluebird house for your backyard.  FREE, but please pre-register by emailing and writing “bluebird houses” in the subject line.  We will contact you. Space is limited to 10.

10:00 am Insects in the Garden – Arthur Kneeland

Arthur Kneeland is an Entomologist and Senior Lecturer at UW-Stout.   This discussion will address the insects in your garden.   With an overview of local pest insects as well as an intro to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on a garden scale.   IPM when used appropriately, can help to reduce pest insects, reduce chemical use, and maximize productivity of your garden. This will be a no holds barred examination of the lives of the Insects in our gardens – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

11:00 am The Lower Chippewa River: A World Class Natural Area – Sean Hartnett

Sean Hartnett is a Professor of Geography at UW-Eau Claire, the Director of The Confluence Center for Chippewa River Studies and president of the citizen advocacy group The Lower Chippewa River Alliance. This presentation provides an overview of the wealth of natural resources in the Lower Chippewa River Valley that combine to make it world class.   Also included is a discussion of  a variety of recreational opportunities by which you can explore and experience both the river and the surrounding environs.

1:00 pm Mushrooms – Tavis Lynch

Tavis is an amateur mycologist from northwestern Wisconsin. He has been studying and identifying mushrooms for most of his life and teaches several mycology classes for Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. He has been a commercial mushroom forager and cultivator for many years. He leads several public and private forays throughout the year and is a certified mushroom expert by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  His presentation will cover the life cycle of fungi, how mushrooms communicate with the forest, common edible and poisonous mushrooms, and the duties of fungi in a forest ecosystem.

2:00 pm Nature Drawing Workshop – Devona Brodt

Revelations Studio LLC is a small rural Art School and Studio near Lake Wissota; just outside of Chippewa Falls,Wisconsin.  For five years, Devona Brodt has been offering lessons to students from age 9 to 90!  Devona is a retired art teacher with 20+ years of teaching experience, Her greatest strength is being able to meet students at their current level and help them reach their next level of ability through individualized instruction in technique and process.   Her instruction is focused on the foundations of art, especially drawing techniques and methods with various media. In order to keep instruction specialized for each student, class sizes are small.(six or less students per class). Devona is very sensitive to each artist’s individual artistic process and creativity.   She has won many awards for her art, has displayed art in Wisconsin and Arizona, and was a speaker at the National Art Education Conference in Chicago in 2003.  Limit 6

Please find the Field Trip section of the Chippewa Valley Nature Festival Registration to sign up for this workshop.

For more information on the Studio, class offerings, or lesson options, call: 715 559 4024 or email:  Devona Brodt Artist/Instructor  Revelations Studio LLC

2:00 pm Winged Wonders – Raptor Education Group, Inc. (Live Birds)

Have you ever met an owl face to face? What about a hawk? A Falcon? Meet some of Wisconsin’s common, but rarely encountered birds. Discover what a raptor is, hear their stories, and learn what you can do to ensure they remain a significant part of our ecosystems.

3:00 pm The Poisonous Snakes of the Tiffany Wildlife Area – David Linderud

The Tiffany Wildlife Area along the Lower Chippewa River is home to all of the species of poisonous snakes found in Wisconsin. This program will help you identify these unique reptiles while learning about their special habitat needs and natural history.

4:00 pm Beekeeping 101 – David Uher

Have you ever wondered what is inside one of those white bee hive boxes? Do you love honey but have no idea how bees make it? Have you heard about all of the troubles that are plaguing bees but want more information? Here is your chance to learn about honey bees and their hives, understand what science is figuring out about the massive die-off of bees, and to ask questions that could help you to decide if you want to keep bees yourself.


120 6th Avenue West, Menomonie

6:00 pm BIRD BOWL with host Steve Betchkal

Did you enjoy the active field trips? By now, you’ve discovered that birds are fascinating — there’s so much to learn and love about them! To round out your outdoor experiences, we are inviting you back indoors where Steve Betchkal will host “Bird Bowl” – a friendly yet competitive game of bird trivia. Participants are welcome to form teams or go it alone in learning about birds.  Enjoy food and beverage (available for purchase), and other games while socializing with fellow festival folks at Duke and Dagger in Menomonie.  Oh! And there will be prizes!

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