Saturday, June 2, 2018

Presentations at University of Wisconsin – Stout

Memorial Student Center – Ballroom A or B

All sessions will be 45 minutes with question and answer time following the presentations Coffee provided all day

9:00 am Making an Eastern Bluebird House Workshop – David Uher and Friends

If you are interested in attracting Eastern Bluebirds to your yard and under 18 years old, this workshop is for you! Learn about the world of Bluebirds and make your own Bluebird house for your backyard. FREE, but please pre-register by emailing and writing “bluebird houses” in the subject line. We will contact you. Space is limited to 10.

10:00 am Whooping Cranes – Sandia Kosmo

Chippewa Valley author Sandia Kosmo offers insights into the whooping crane, it’s sad history of near extinction, and where we are now in their North American revival. Her children’s book, Wakanda Whooper: The Curious Cinnamon Crane is set in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin. Through this colt’s questioning her parents, the bird family reveals the whole history of what happened to these cranes to reduce them to one flyway. They went from hundreds to only 15 birds in 1941. This sad bird’s saga ends as one of America’s conservation success stories about the tallest bird in North America, the Whooping Crane. Kosmo will explain how adults and children can benefit from the book and how it can be used as a whole unit on endangered species for teachers/parents. She will also offer updates on worldwide extinctions and a review of the most recent crane counts in Wisconsin’s flyway and the Wood Buffalo- Aransas flyway.

11:00 am Sister Parks (National Parks between U.S and Costa Rica) and Tropical WIngs – Patricia Mueller

Tropical Wings is the Friends Group of the NPS Sister Parks, an agreement between 14 National Parks in the Upper Midwest, and seven National Parks in Costa Rica. The focus of the partnership is on the neotropical migratory birds that we share. This interactive presentation explores the work being done “for the birds” including the annual Bird-a-thon trip to Costa Rica. Come learn about the sister parks, the birds we share, and how YOU can make a difference for our birds!

1:00 pm The Common Loon, My Favorite Bird – Sam Lewis (From Loon Watch)

This presentation will focus on the wonderful calls loons make, their habits, their appearance and newly identified facts about where loons live throughout the year. We will explore why a loon looks the way it does, discuss a few interesting personal stories about loons and describe how to help make sure WI loons do well. Audience participation will be encouraged!

2:00 pm Ecological Literacy Sheds Light on Ecological Wisdom – Victor Akemann

What impact can ecological literacy have on our lives? We will explore the process of a small community in Central Wisconsin in their efforts to solve the problems related to unsafe drinking water. How does ecological literacy play a role in creating common ground with connecting all residents – including children, including farmers, and small business owners? Can ecological wisdom emerge in the process of finding balance among residents (within the natural environment) in such a way that will support, and sustain the well being for all? How can lessons from one small town inform a new direction for communities around the globe? Will a deeper understanding of ecological wisdom guide us toward a (more) unified and sustainable future?

3:00 pm  Birding By Ear – Brian Collins

Join Brian Collins, contract ornithologist, nature author/photographer, and high school biology teacher for a multimedia exploration of the sounds birds make and how we may use those sounds to identify a bird by species and decipher clues about its life! Brian has been birding by ear since 1983 and has been conducting point count bird surveys for most of his adult life, contributing to projects for the University of Minnesota, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wisconsin DNR, numerous private wildlife and nature organizations, and the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II. Learn some quick tips, fun facts, and some less-known secrets about the sounds birds make!


120 6th Avenue West, Menomonie

6:00 pm BIRD BOWL with host Steve Betchkal

Did you enjoy the active field trips? By now, you’ve discovered that birds are fascinating — there’s so much to learn and love about them! To round out your outdoor experiences, we are inviting you back indoors where Steve Betchkal will host “Bird Bowl” – a friendly yet competitive game of bird trivia. Participants are welcome to form teams or go it alone in learning about birds.  Enjoy food and beverage (available for purchase), and other games while socializing with fellow festival folks at Duke and Dagger in Menomonie.  Oh! And there will be prizes!

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